Centre for Spatial Studies is an initiative of the Society for Environment & Architecture; a collective of architects, designers, environmentalists, artists, urbanists, cultural theorists, researchers and activists. The broad objective of the Society is to create an academic space for research, pedagogy and dissemination of knowledge in architecture and allied disciplines.

In 2014, the Society established the School of Environment and Architecture (sea.edu.in) which runs an undergraduate course in architecture offering a B-Arch. degree, affiliated to the University of Mumbai and approved by the Council of Architecture. The Society also established an active research space (SEA-Studio), a public platform for events (SEA-City) and a publishing cell (SEA-Press).

The Center for Spatial Studies is imagined as a node for intersections of spatial practices. It’s aim is to develop an ecosystem for experimental research, open pedagogy and collaborative production of knowledge. The Centre intends to intervene in the cultural landscapes and  respond to the context of rising auto-diadacts, emerging digital ecosystems; limited research in spatial studies; capture of academia by institutional structures; and the absence of an academic space with a cultural ambition.