Making Home

This research traces the spatial story of inhabitation in Mumbai through narratives of the form of the house and processes of home making in the city. It focuses on discussing the cultural dimensions that produce and get produced through articulations of form and space.

Through 40 narratives of (house) form these narratives will include discussions on conditions that produced the specific (house) forms, their geographic and temporal contexts, the systems of production, operative codes, material and technology etc.The main thrust of the narratives will be to conceptualise the spatiality that they produce and the life they create and nourish.

The  narratives will be in the form of a graphical semi-fiction - a text-drawing-photograph hybrid. ‘Semi-fiction’ here not only includes ethnographies, biographies and fictional accounts, but also the range of things that come under ‘non-fiction’ like statistical accounts, conceptual formulations, policy references, etc. These narratives will be based on multiple secondary and primary sources. While most of the material is available, fresh field-work / archival work shall be undertaken as necessary.

While the form of the research will not claim factual, historical and geographical accuracy, it is expected to be useful for architects and all others who are interested in the questions of space, habitation, housing and urbanism.