Reframing the Housing Question


After discussing the idea of house and home, this course will discuss the housing question and different kinds of policies, programmes and projects undertaken from around the world. It will also discuss emerging questions of housing in relation to contemporary urbanisation. The course will also delve into technicalities of housing tenure, finance, planning, delivery systems and its form.

Course Faculty: Prasad Shetty, Rohit Mujumdar, Rupali Gupte, Shreyank Khemalapure

26 November 2022: WHAT IS A HOME?

0900-1100: Landscape as Home: Houses in pastoral economies 

1130-1230: City as Home: Houses in merchantile / idustrial economies

1500-1700: House as Home: Houses in the post industrial economies 


03 December 2022: THE HOUSING QUESTION

0900-1100: The Housing Question in the Last 50 Years: Affordability, tenure security and habitability and cases of large housing programmes

1130-1230: Rearticulating Housing from an Urbanisation Perspective

1500-1700: Key Housing Ideas / Initiatives in the Last 100 Years from Around the World

10 December 2022: THE QUESTION OF MASS

0900-1100: Migrants, Refugees and Urban Displacement

1130-1230: Landscapes of Informality and Emerging Urban Form

1500-1700: Community and Infrastructure Questions

17 December 2022: HOUSING MANAGMENT

0900-1100: Policy, Regulatory Regimes and Bylaws

1130-1230: Delivery Systems, Tenurial Mechanisms and the Question of Finance

1500-1700: Possibilities of Incrementality and Repair