Emerging logics of material phenomenologies

The current making process involves a culture of imagining and making structures by individual parts, a technique of assemblies, that has thereby governed the system of thinking, making and producing new components to fit in. These established ‘industrialised systems’ which work in parts, are reliant on these components to make a system. New materials that are being developed or found are fit into these systems of parts. The other alternate systems exist, in ways people build with available parts found in and around them, for example the indigenous tribes and communities that build their spaces from the available materials around them. The ecosystem of materials is different from the industrial mass produced items, but rather produced by nature. The access and reach defines their methods of making, processes of designing their own spaces. Current research and practices are emerging from two major contexts, the crisis of environment as posed to humans by humans and the other is high quality and precision, fast manufacturing parts to serve the ever-growing demands. One is the ethical question and the other is a more pragmatic problem-solving approach (consumption based) to the needs we pose at the profession and industry. The intent of this research is neither, but to look at possibilities within the current material work-flows that had capabilities to either explore new possibilities of making processes or look at ephemeral/temporal material conditions in architecture. The intent was to look at the processes by which a material is transformed by humans into habitable space. The investigation in this research intends to open up these processes to develop new spatial-material relationships. To re-engage with newer landscapes of material and techniques and associations beyond the industrial research, scale and quantity.

This is a series of experiments that explores the possibilties of the apparatus that makes material forms under gravitational influence. It explores the logics of the frame - work to allow material forms.