Alternative Materials and Technologies

Coordinators - Dushyant Asher & Milind Mahale

The cluster is premised on the discussion that current and conventional systems / processes of making ‘things’ (including construction) are hijacked by industrialised and machinic systems providing no space for independent / autonomous agencies. This has an impact on the ‘things’ themselves and the lives they produce around them. Making and material processes are largely seen through two major standardised categorisations in the global context:
1. Sustainable material research and practices, where the existing materials are being replaced with organic alternatives with lower carbon footprint, and
2. processes driven by logics of intense technological efficiencies. The cluster aims at developing alternative (in the realms of home-made / kitchen-made, single-person produced/made, self-made/self-driven, smaller processes) materialities and processes for making things including constructing builtform. It also aims to introduce new logics of material manifestations beyond the popular digital modes, exploring hybrids and hacks to imagine apparatuses for new forms of living.

The following initiatives are being undertaken under this cluster:

The Architectural Kitchen (Cooking Architecture): Experimenting with domestic processes for creating building materials

Apparatus - Gravity Project 

Techniques of Materiality

Pedagogy on Making