Architecture Kitchen

The practice of alchemy was to escape the materials that one could find in the natural surroundings, within the domestic. Defined as ‘witchcraft’ by many in the period it was practiced, it was a super power that a human possessed, the knowledge to alter material’s and its behaviour. Beyond a force applied material shaping, other elements and knowledge became the method for working with materials. In such practices, sourcing material was the key. The network of material flows re-oriented and got re-organised with the entry of machines and quantities. The scales of operation and transportation possibilities across the globe allowed a new network of material access and flow. The domestically available materials are sourced and produced on a national/global scale. What is our current material landscape and how does the material flow from the source to the market and its use? These new material relationships have changed our sources of materials and sets up the base for a new domestic exploration. The rise of the DIY culture has encouraged many new ways to use different materials, sourced from many of the available delivery platforms. DIY has not only started a culture of doing things/making things by our own but have brought in a new approach to discovery, joy, repair and repurposing materials/objects. It translates into an agency of the individual that manifests itself into the object/material/design.