The spirit of the research activity at the Centre is to produce new knowledge where its applicability is not a defining imperative. However, the research may be useful for pedagogy, policy, practice of making buildings, awareness creation, etc.

The Centre shall host a group of researchers every year to work with various research clusters. They will also go through courses offered by the Centre and develop capacity in spatial research and pedagogy.

The current research clusters at the Centre are:

& Housing Studies

This cluster is engaged in exploring the emerging dynamics in the urbanisation process in India and its experience. The research in this cluster aims towards developing nuanced readings of urbanization processes, forms and politics in India beyond narratives of ‘crises’ and ‘collapse’ that build on thin quantitative and qualitative descriptions. Towards this....
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South Asian Architecture
& Urbanism

This cluster aims at developing a conceptualisation of spatiality in the subcontinent beyond the extant frameworks shaped by colonial stylistic discourses, post independence ideas of identity and locality and contemporary conceptualizations around socio-political causality and informality. The nationalistic imagintaions currently framing the ...
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& Spatiality

The uncertainties associated with menacing global environmental changes such as deglaciation and proliferating pathogens present capacities to transpose life to a putative tipping point of habitat change, or a new normal. Design and planning fields largely attempt to futureproof places from this tipping point ‘all at once,’ and thus sketch  ...
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Alternative Materials
& Technologies

The cluster is premised on the discussion that current and conventional systems / processes of making ‘things’ (including construction) are hijacked by industrialised and machinic systems providing no space for independent / autonomous agencies. This has an impact on the ‘things’ themselves and engagements with them. The cluster aims at ...
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Visual Culture

The Visual Culture cluster at SEA aims to set up a drawing culture in the school that is interrogative and reflective and where all manner of constructions and expressions of drawing are seen as a means to ask questions, make arguments, challenge institutional ways of learning and become documents of new knowledge. SEA wishes to inculcate in its pedagogy the ability to ...(Read More)

Covid Glossary

Transmissions, medical efficacy, sanitization, immunisation, de-densification, sterilisation have been common themes of engaging with pandemics. We at SEA believe that the pandemic has a granularity of meta, non-linear narratives that become useful in making sense of the relational complexities of the pandemic and society....
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